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BORDER VICTIMS REACHED 16 PEOPLE. One will get married and the other saved the chairman

During the bloody battles in the borders of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the number of the killed as of May 2nd, reached up to 16.

One of the victims – Muhamadullo Rajabalizoda, 26 year old soldier of the Special forces of the Ministry of internal affairs of Tajikistan. Muhamadullo was from Muminabad district. He had been serving in the armed forces of Tajikistan with an excellent reputation as a Commander. Heartbreaking point in the story of Mahmadullo is that he was about to make his dream true and get married to his beloved after Ramadan. His parents were arranging wedding for him. But….

Hasan Akbarov, warrant officer of Tajikistan Border Forces was killed during his service in Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan border. 31 year-old officer was shoot dead on April 29th during the battles in Tajik-Kyrgyz border, in Vorukh while covering already wounded on his shoulder Mayor of Isfara – Bahovaddin Bahodurzoda. Sniper’s bullet took his life away… 1st of May the body of this early-gone young man was buried in his motherland – Farkhor district.

Mehruziddini Muhriddin, 26 year old soldier, doctor of Tajikistan Border Forces in Isfara was killed during the land-war with Kyrgyzstan.

Another victim of the war – soldier of Border Forces, Salohiddin Gadoev – Commander of one of the Frontier Posts of Maschoh district. He was 28 years, graduate of the Border Forces University of Kazakhstan, Major of the Army. The killed soldier had 3 children.

Bakhtovar Mahmudov – the young resident of Niman Jamoat, Surkh village of Isfara town was also killed. In the morning of 29th April he had left to his garden for watering and was killed on that day.

Another young man from this Jamoat – Umedjon Yusufov, 32 year old, was also wounded the same day and he died.

 Nekruz Gafurov, the resident of Dahbed village of Karatag Jamoat in Tursunzoda was also killed on April 29th during the land war with Kyrgyzstan/ He was 28 years only and had 2 children, now left orphans…

The following civilians and soldier also became victims of that bloody day of 29th of April:

Hikmatullo Mahkamov, 26 years old – resident of Navobod mahalla, Chorkuh village

Ibrohimkhon Hoshimzoda, 26 years old – resident of Chorkuh village

Sherali Rahmatzoda and Safar Nabiev – shoot at frontier post at Tajik-Kyrgyz border by Kyrgyz bullets while being at their duty positions

Jasurjon Siyarkulov – 28 year-old border soldier, resident of Qalai Azim, Devashtich disctrict

Sobir Vahhobov – 51 year-old civilian, resident of Chorkuh Jamoat

Manuchehr Qalandarov – 40 year-old civilian, resident of Chorkuh Jamoat

Daler Eshonov – 33 year-old civilian, resident of Chorkuh Jamoat

Huseinjon Sharopov – civilian, resident of Chorkuh Jamoat

This is the list of victims of the bloody land-war at the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan shoot by Kyrgys people.

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